Course Materials

Fall 2018:

Introduction to International Relations

Introduction to Methods


Past courses:

African Politics

International Institutions, Law & Human Rights

Brain as Battlefield

Explores any topics on the most current, bleeding edge of international relations pertaining to security, intelligence and defense applications. Wars today take place in both the physical and cyber arena, leveraging the Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Deep Learning as tools of the trade. Conflicts also take place in the narrative space, and social media is leveraged with what we know about the bio-psycho-social indicators of aggression to help craft effective narratives and counternarratives. Finally, we explore applications of neuroscience & neurotechnology to counter both state and non-state threats. We explore how Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can be used to help us understand data, and how UAVs and robotics change the nature of the fight in the kinetic sphere.

Rwanda in Comparative African Perspective (immersion)

Uganda in Comparative African Perspective (immersion)

International Conflict & Security

International Conflict & Security [Designed for student veterans reflecting on their experience] (Honors)

International Institutions, Law & Human Rights

Crisis Mapping, New Media & Politics (Powerpoint)


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